Rescue Diver/CMAS 2** Diver

Diving is fun - diving is a pleasure. Perhaps you have repeatedly heard this motto visiting diving centers or just in conversation with other divers. Yes it is and we can confirm it. As an amateur or professional divers dealing with this, you need to have in mind and to be prepared for a possible disaster or life-threatening situation. Here at the forefront comes another equally common assertion, namely Safety First. During this course you will learn how to prevent accidents, avoid risky situations, to react adequately in panic, tired,injured or lost diver and of course most importantly- medical assistance .The Recue diver course is also a prerequisite for obtaining a certificate DIVEMASTER.

Duration: 5 days


-Minimum Age 12 years

-A certificate (Junior) Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent

-A certificate for a course in first aid over the past two years

-Minimum 20 logged dives, documenting experience in deep diving and underwater navigation

Necessary educational materials: PADI Rescue Diver Crew-Pak


Emergency First Response

The one-day program consisting of two modules

-Primary Care (CPR) and Secondary Care (First Aid), follows the same principles used by professional rescuers, which will prepare you for an adequate response in a life threatening situation or a diving accident.

Primary care (CPR) skills Roof adequate intervention for most life-threatening conditions , focusing the attention of the participants on theoretical knowledge , practicing skills and move on realistic scenarios.


Secondary Care / First Aid / -Includes non-life injuries and medical conditions, and situations in which the medical services are unavailable or unable to attend.The validity of the certificate Emergency First Response is 24 months , which obliges you to refresh your knowledge and skills every 2 years.

-You may start this course even if you do not have  a diving certificate or are not a diver

-No age limit


Necessary educational materials: EFR Participant Manual,Workbook