Diving Course for Beginners

Open the doors of the diving sport!

Our Diving Center highly recommends this course for all beginner divers, so be sure it offers the most detailed and comprehensive training and with it you are getting to know the bases in diving. During the course you will get used to operating scuba diving equipment and prepare your key skills, required for doing a normal, safe and enjoyable dive.

The program includes three phases:

1. Theoretical courses and tests

 2. Training in shallow water

 3.Training in open water


Duration: 3-4 days


Prerequisites :

- Good health condition and motivation
- Age limit of 15 years (10 years for Junior Open Water Diver)

The following necessary educational materials are provided by Harry's Diving Center:

- PADI Open Water Diver Manual and Video

- Recreational Dive Planner (RDP)