Diving Trips

Dive from the shore
This option is very convenient and preferred,because our center is situated on the central beach,close to the shore.It is designed for both beginners and for certified divers and professionals in need of a refresh dive. Visibility : 5-10 meters. Underwater fauna : seahorse , pipefish , goby , wrasse , mullet , sole , dogfish , blenny , black sea crab. Depth : 8 meters. Bottom time : 40-45 minutes. A full diving equipment and accompanying instructor are Included.
The so called Try A Dive option is designed for non-cerified divers and beginners, as it gives first touch to the beauty of the underwater world. Our team of professionals promise you an amazing once in a life time experience, that you won’t forget. The dives are conducted under a depth of arround 8 meters, on a beautiful house reef, located near by the shore and close to the diving center. Under the water you can see various species of the following Black Sea fauna inhabitants like needlefish , pipefish , black sea crab and many others, as well as legendary seahorses, considered one of the wonders of the underwater world. Their photos you can see in our gallery section. The program includes full diving equipment, accompanying PADI certified instructor all the time, 30 minute pre-briefing and scuba equipment presentation. Prerequisites: good will and condition, age limit of 8 years.
Dive from a boat
The diving takes place intwo beautiful reefs , located about 2 km from the shore. To this destination we go using ouer speedboat , jump from it and do a longer dive. Visibility : 8-15 meters Underwater fauna : common stingray , sea dragon , scorpionfish , dogfish , goby , wrasse , mullet , sole , blenny , black sea crab. Depth : 8-12 meters. Bottom time : 60 minutes. Program duration : 2 hours and a half. Transportation,full diving equipment and accompanying instructor are Included.
Wreck diving
Usually we organise this trip once a week.The wreck is located 80 kilometers north from Golden Sands,so we go there by jeep and make 2 dives for the day-the first one on the wreck and the second one on the reef around it. Visibility:7-15 meters. Depth:8-15 meters. Bottom time:50 minutes for a dive. Underwater fauna:common stingray , dogfish , Black sea dragon , scorpionfish , black sea crucian , black sea crab , goby , wrasse , mullet , sole , dogfish , blenny. Program duration : 1 day Transport,full equipment and accompanying instructor are included.