Specialty Diving Courses for Advanced Divers


This is a very interesting program, that offers a huge bouquet of various dive options. This type of special courses is designed to familiarize divers with specific skills, knowledge and techniques typical of an environment to which they show a special interest. As you already know any first dive of a specialty can be assigned to the program Adventures in Diving. Below are the possible programs that you can complete in our center:

AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Specialty-underwater coral reef protection 

AWARE - develop responsible and safe behavior
Deep Diver-deep diving
Drift Diver-diving in the presence of stronger water currents
Dry Suit Diver-dry suit diving 
Enriched Air Diver (NITROX) -using enriched oxygen mixture (40% oxygen concentration)

Equipment Specialist-specialist equipment

Multilevel Diver-diving on several levels

Night Diver-night dive

Peak Performance Buoyancy-techniques, improving buoyancy

Project Aware-discuss the philosophy of Project Aware for the conservation of marine flora and fauna, discussions on the different techniques and their application in a specific situation

Search & Recovery-search and retrieval of sunken objects

Underwater Navigator-underwater navigation

Underwater Naturalist-examine and explore the underwater world

Wreck Diver-diving on a sunken ship