Divemaster/CMAS 3*** Diver

The DIVEMASTER Course is the first professional level in the PADI system and your first step to your Instructor carrier and IDC.It is designed for divers who wish to gain an expert level in their diving knowledge and skills.As PADI DIVEMASTER you:
-will be warm and respectfully welcomed in each diving center you visit.
-you have  the real opportunity to submit documents for job as a PADI Assistant and work as such in every
-are ottorized to conduct some diving programs,such as Discover Scuba,Discover Snorkeling,Scuba Review,  and refresher courses.
-you can generally supervise different diving activities,involving students or certified divers
-you can start your PADI IDC(Instructor Development Course) at any time

The Divemaster Course consists of three modules:

1.Watermanship and skill assessment
The main purpose of this module is to test your overall physical abilities and behavour underwater in different situations.The training takes place in shallow water.

2. Knowledge development
In this part of the course you will learn about the main duties of a PADI Divemaster,which involves also learning basic diving theory.You'll have to pass eight exams in toal,the first three at some time after the start of the course,prior diving with sudents, and the other five in your free time before the end of the course.


The purpose of the practical module is to give you experience of supervising students and divers during a course or other diving activities.The training is running either of assisting in real courses or by different scenarios,where the instructor,his asssistant or other divers will play the role of a student.

Duration:1-2 weeks

-Minimum age:18 years
-a minimum of 20 logged dives,prior the start of the course
-Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent
-Rescue Diver or equivalent
-diving medical clearance,signed by a physician within the last year
-a minimum of 60 logged dives before completion of the course

Students materials needed:

PADI Divemaster Manual, Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving, Diving Knowledge Workbook, PADI RDPs: Table, Wheel , & eRDP (and Instruction Books ), Divemaster Slates, Instructor Guides for D/M conducted programs ( Discover Scuba Diving, Discover Snorkeling/Skin Diver, Scuba Review/Discover Local Diving, PADI Manuals: Open Water, Adventures In Diving, Rescue Diver.